A-players hire other A-players.

At Recruiting Intelligence, we view the recruiting process as a collaboration. Although the short-term aim may be to fill a very specific position, our long-term goal is to build a relationship with your company that develops over time. The more we understand your organization and its philosophy, the greater our ability to proactively source your perfect hires and contribute to the intelligent growth of your business.

In our experience, the best matches between candidates and employers occur when the technical/experience requirements are met, the cognitive and work-style compatibility is right, and the psychological chemistry is strong.

We play a constructive role in every phase of the hiring cycle. We begin with establishing a clear understanding of your corporate culture and the positions you are working to fill. We then begin our active search and provide you with access to elite candidates who have been carefully screened. The strong educational and professional backgrounds of the people we source enable them to exceed initial expectations and to contribute to corporate growth beyond the literal scope of their job description.

We can also play an educational role. For select clients, we provide objective analyses of organizational behavior, executive coaching, and strategic advice for enhancing the crucial people side of the business equation.

Our intelligence, efficiency, and ongoing direct communication save you significant time and money.

If you are considering working with us, please call 212.532.5301 or email us at hire@recruitingintelligence.com. You can also go to the "Contact Us" section to give us some information about your company.