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#1 Quantitative Portfolio Manager
A seasoned portfolio manager, this quantitative candidate has superb programming skills and extensive experience in statistical strategy development and systematic trading. Formerly, she was Vice President of the Quantitative Strategies group at a bulge bracket firm. She holds a PhD from Princeton University.

#2 Associate Analyst
Currently, this candidate works at a top credit rating agency. Equally adept at programming and research, he also brings three years of experience in consulting. After scoring a perfect 1600 on the SAT, he attended and graduated from Harvard with high honors in Mathematics.

#3 Internet Project Manager/Business Development
Promoted to project manager after only three months at a prominent e-commerce site, this '99 graduate reports directly to the CEO and has worked extensively with customer interfaces and financial modeling. Previously, he worked in M&A and finance before receiving his BA from the University of Pennsylvania with a minor in Legal Studies from the Wharton School.

#4 Executive/Attorney
Yale College and Harvard Law educated, this seasoned dealmaker and strategic thinker turned down offers from several top U.S. law firms to work for crème de la crème firms in both consulting and investment banking. Strategic turnaround has been his most recent focus. He speaks four languages.

#5 Analyst/Consultant
Currently an analyst at a cutting-edge branding and consulting firm, this 2000 graduate is equally adept in a laboratory or in high finance. A high school valedictorian, she continued on to MIT, where she earned a GPA of 4.7/5.0 in Biology and did Health Care research for The World Bank. She is currently focusing her quantitative talents on e-procurement strategies and cost reduction.

#6 Senior Consultant
An established management consultant, this candidate has had extensive experience at an elite international consulting firm providing corporate strategy, business development, financial, M&A, and e-commerce advice to senior executives at Fortune 50 companies. Mixing his outstanding personality with an impeccable analytic background, he holds two Master's Degrees and a PhD, all from MIT. Additionally, he has co-authored a graduate level engineering textbook, and has a U.S. patent pending.

#7 Senior Financial Executive
This innovative and brilliant candidate brings over fifteen years of experience at some of the nation's premier financial and management consulting firms. Presently a fund manager of a private equity fund, he has also co-authored several published books and papers on bank soundness, systemic bank restructuring, and monetary policy instruments. He graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University with a degree in Chemistry and received his PhD in Economics from Oxford University.

#8 Research Associate
Prior to graduating from MIT with a BS in Electrical Science and Engineering, this articulate and quantitative candidate was part of the founding team of an agricultural biotechnology company. In addition, he holds a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Currently, he is a Research Associate at a management consulting and venture capital firm.

#9 Management Consultant
This Rhodes Scholar was the co-founder of a large, Internet portal site after several years with a major consulting firm. A member of several Internet and international incubator advisory boards, he holds a JD from Stanford, a Master's in Politics and Economics from Oxford, a BS (Biology) and BA (Political Science) from Stanford, and speaks four languages.

#10 Research Scientist
After conducting research for five years at the NASA-Goddard Institute for Space Studies, this impeccably organized candidate left academia to hone his engineering and project management skills. Both quantitative and personable, he seeks a transition into a career in finance. He is a summa cum laude graduate of The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art and holds a PhD in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering with a concentration in Applied Physics from Princeton University.

#11 Telecom/Business Development
Trilingual, entrepreneurial, and experienced, this outstanding sales personality has overseen over $582 million of telecommunications deals and $82 billion of banking transactions. Co-captain of her basketball team at National Taiwan University, she graduated with a degree in economics and founded an English-language magazine - after only two years, her publication had gained the third-highest circulation of any monthly magazine in Taiwan and reported annual profits exceeding US $1 million. With five years of business development experience at two of the largest telecom firms in America and a major commercial bank, she also holds an MBA from MIT's Sloan School of Management.

#12 Internet Executive
This highly entrepreneurial marketing and database expert is looking for a CEO/GM role in a quality, web-based venture. Well-prepared for the job, he has already successfully IPO'd two startups and has an extensive background in consulting and Fortune 100 business development and marketing. He received his MBA from Harvard University and is a cum laude graduate of Tufts University in Economics.

#13 Analyst
Salutatorian of his high school and a National Merit Scholar, this recent cum laude Harvard graduate possesses both superb sales ability and excellent quantitative skills. He started his career as an Investment Banking Analyst before becoming Head of East Coast Sales for a technology firm. After conquering the sales world, he seeks a return to finance.

#14 Senior Business Development
A seasoned Internet professional, this director of business development at a digital commerce services company is serious about growing companies from the ground up. Currently looking for a rapid growth startup opportunity, he has four years of Internet experience in business development and three years as an investment banking associate. A cum-laude NYU graduate in Economics and Finance, this Rhodes Scholar candidate received his MBA from MIT in New Product Venture Development.

#15 CTO/Senior Technology Executive
This technological Renaissance Man is fluent in eight programming languages, has five years experience in bulge-bracket finance, extensive experience in freelance consulting, positions at seven Fortune 500 companies, and has taught Mortgage Finance Math at NYU. He has a Stanford MBA and MSE, two other Master's degrees in Operations Engineering and Electrical Engineering, and a BS from Columbia University.

#16 Telecom and Internet Executive
An expert in product development, management, strategy, and marketing, this candidate is a one-man incubator with experience in telecom, finance, and the Internet. Equally at home in a startup or corporate environment, he excels in both planning and execution. An avid chess player, he received his BA from Princeton University.