Excellence is measured differently at each stage of the career path.

The early-career candidates that we typically source have distinguished themselves by attending competitive universities and graduate programs, excelling in entry-level roles, and displaying remarkable drive and unwavering tenacity. They are eager to really prove themselves in the workplace.

At more senior levels, there are additional measures of excellence, including a strong track record of professional accomplishments and a steady, visionary focus on unprecedented success. These leaders know how to motivate, innovate and implement, and they are ready to take their achievements to the highest level. Our executive-level searches are customized for our clients' specific requirements. For placements in highly technical companies, we work closely with members of our dynamic network of top technical experts, which includes university professors.

Recruiting Intelligence is based in Manhattan and Princeton, and most of our corporate clients are headquartered in the New York metropolitan area. However, we also have the resources to assist in locating candidates for positions in other areas of the United States and the world.